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On-site gasoline and diesel delivery.

Save 20%+ on labor and fueling costs.
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The typical fleet spends $5 to $10 in labor, fuel, and vehicle wear and tear every time an hourly employee makes a trip to the gas station.

Over a year, this can add up to more than $1,500 in lost revenue per vehicle.

Booster’s gasoline and diesel delivery service helps you cut these costs and make your business more profitable.

Keep your drivers on the road making money.

Streamline fuel delivery

How it works

Park your fleet (small or large) at the usual location.


Booster fills your tanks overnight or at a time that works for you.


Review your weekly invoice and detailed savings report.

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Get a boost of efficiency

Save on labor

Eliminate employee time (and overtime) spent driving to an/d sitting at gas stations.

Minimize wear and tear

Do away with unnecessary mileage and save on vehicle maintenance.

Reduce risk of fraud

Take company credit cards and fuel cards out of circulation with direct billing.

Set your own schedule

Choose overnight, first-thing in the morning, or the schedule that works best for you.

Enhance safety

Avoid vehicle and employee exposure to high-risk gas station locations.

Check reports

See how much fuel you consume on a daily basis with detailed reports.

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