Booster and city of Santa Clara partner to provide on-demand mobile fueling service to local employers

Study Cites Environmental & Road Congestion Benefits

Santa Clara, CA

February 7, 2017

Booster, the on-demand mobile fueling company, today announces a partnership with the City of Santa Clara to launch its service at major Santa Clara employers including Oracle, Chegg and nVidia. Thousands of employees can now utilize the company’s simple “push a button, get gas delivered to your car while you work” offering, with formal approval from the City of Santa Clara. Booster’s service has grown quickly across local corporate campuses and according to a recent study, it reduces road congestion and provides other environmental benefits in the cities which it services.

A leader in welcoming innovation and technology, the City of Santa Clara has granted Booster the necessary approvals to operate at local companies. In collaboration with more than a dozen agencies, the city engaged in a state task force on mobile fueling to ensure that the rules and regulations were correctly established before proceeding with this support.

"Santa Clara City has a proud history of supporting innovative businesses like Booster by developing appropriate regulations," stated Vice Mayor of Santa Clara, Dominic Caserta. "When we heard strong support for Booster from our community, I knew we should find a path. City staff did a world class job and now our community can benefit from shorter commutes."

“The level of support we received from the City of Santa Clara has been invaluable,” said Frank Mycroft, founder and CEO of Booster. “City staff and leadership engaged many stakeholders to determine the best course of action in order to establish regulations for location, equipment, and training which now set a high-bar for quality and safety in the mobile fueling industry. Santa Clara serves as an innovative model of success which other cities can follow.”

And other cities have followed. Now more than a half dozen cities in the San Francisco Bay Area have provided approvals supporting Booster’s unique service model. One reason cities have been so apt to support Booster is the company’s ability to reduce road congestion by eliminating first and last mile trips, especially during heavily congested peak commute times. According to a recent study by Hexagon Transportation, every vehicle that Booster fuels eliminates hundreds of miles of travel daily. The report found that each Booster delivery saves an average of 1.5 miles of vehicle travel. At local companies with thousands of employees, this quickly adds up to ease the strain on Bay Area roads. Many of Booster’s clients, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, are pleased to offer this new employee perk that saves employees time, reduces wear & tear on their cars, and is value priced relative to local self-service gas stations.

“This is a great perk that our employees appreciate and costs us nothing to offer,” said Denise Helm, Director of Workplace Services at Chegg. “Booster has been very easy to work with and the result is that more than half of our team in Santa Clara uses their service.”

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About Booster Fuels

Founded in late 2014, Booster is an app-based gas delivery service that aims to eliminate an errand from people’s lives. With a tap of a button on the Booster app, Booster delivers fuel right to a customer’s car while they’re at work. Booster is an efficient and cost-effective alternative because it buys fuel wholesale and is able to charge lower than market rates per gallon with free delivery. The company has raised over $12 million in funding from firms such as Maveron and Madrona Venture Group.